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This international conference on frustration in condensed matter is organized and financed by two major networks working in the field, the European Science Foundation network, "Highly Frustrated Magnetism" and the Japanese Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas "Novel States of Matter Induced by Frustration". The goal of the conference is to bring together groups from within and outside these networks, working on different aspects of frustration in condensed matter. The conference will cover the following main topics:

♦ Pyrochlore magnets

♦ Spin liquids, kagomé and triangular systems

♦ Unusual magnetic orders, coupling to different degrees of freedom, spin-orbit, spin-lattice

♦ Relaxor and multiferroic behaviour

♦ Glassy behaviour and frustration

The conference will consist of review, invited and contributed presentations giving a complete and up to date picture of research in these fields. Poster and discussion sessions on key subjects will be organized to encourage and develop interactions.