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Presenting authors and poster titles are listed below. A full description (complete author list as well as poster’s abstract when communicated) is given at the end of this page. 


PS-1 Damle Kedar "Impurity effects in SCGO "
PS-2 Ihara Yoshihiko "Cl and D NMR study of kagome antiferromagnet ZNXCU4-X(OH)6Cl2"
PS-3  Janson Oleg "Volborthite Cu3V2O7(OH)2V2H2O: orbital ordering on a distorted kagome geometry"
PS-4  Nilsen Gøran "Ground State and Excitations in the S=1/2 Quasi-Kagomé Compound Volborthite"
PS-5  Nishiyama Masahid "NMR study of quantum spin antiferromagnet on the distorted kagome lattice, Rb2Cu3SnF12"
PS-6 Okamoto Yoshihiko "Vesignieite BaCu3V2O8(OH)2 as a candidate spin-1/2 kagome antiferromagnet"
PS-7 P. Sindzingre "The spin gap issue in the kagome antiferromagnet and the confrontation of exact excitation spectra to different theoretical hypotheses"
PS-8 Sudan Julien "Exploring low-lying excited states Of the S = 1/2 Kagome AFM using correlation density matrices"
PS-9 Zbiri Mohamed "Density Functional Based Numerical Investigations of Phonons and Magnetism in the Kagom systems"
PS-10 Beznosov Anatoly "Electronic transition and magnetic glass in La2/3Ba1/3MnO3"
PS-11 Dao Xuan Viet "Spin-chirality decoupling in the one-Dimensional Heisenberg spin glass with long-range power-law interactions"
PS-12 Fertman Elena "Two antiferromagnetic structures and magnetic cluster glass in (Nd0.9Y0.1)2/3Ca1/3MnO3"
PS-13 Kadono Ryosuke "Magnetic ground state of pyrochlore oxides close to metal-insulator boundary probed by muon spin rotation"
PS-14 Katori Hiroko "Magnetic-field induced transition in geometrically frustrated magnet GeFe2O4"
PS-15 Matsuura Motohiro "Anomalous Magnetic Memory in CoCl2-GIC"
PS-16 Murani Amir "Towards understanding the canonical spin glass, Cu-Mn"
PS-17 Piatek Julian "A new candidate spin-glass model system: LiHoxEr1-xF4"
PS-18 Taniguchi Toshifumi "Non-linear susceptibility of metallic pyrochlore ruthenate Ca2Ru2O7"
PS-19 Deen Pascale "Probing the magnetic field dependence of the spin liquid phase in the highly frustrated Gadolinium Gallium Garnet"
PS-20 Drechsler Stefan-Ludwig "Progress in the microscopic description of frustrated edge-shared CuO2-chain compounds: Li2CuO2"
PS-21 Fennell Tom "Magnetic properties Of spangolite"
PS-22 Flachbart Karol "Fractional magnetization And magnetic order in the shastry-sutherland magnet thulium tetraboride"
PS-23 Hattori Kazumasa "Effective Hamiltonian of three-orbital hubbard model on pyrochlore lattice; application to LIV2O4"
PS-24 Horvatic Mladen "Spin configuration in the 1/3 magnetization plateau of azurite determined by NMR"
PS-25 Kanzawa Tsuneki "Magnetic properties of mixed spin systems, bipnnbno"
PS-26 Kikuchi Hikomitsu "Magnetic order of frustrated triangular lattice antiferromagnet HCRO2"
PS-27 Kohno Masanori "Quasiparticles in spatially anisotropic frustrated antiferromagnets in a magnetic field"
PS-28 Mambrini Matthieu "Effective dimer models for frustrated Antiferromagnets"
PS-29 Manmana Salvatore R. "Shastry-sutherland tube in a magnetic field"
PS-30 Matsuhira Kazuyuki "A novel continuous metal-insulator transition in the pyrochlore Ln2Ir2O7"
PS-31 Moliner Marion "Magnetization process of the classical heisenberg model on the shastry-sutherland lattice"
PS-32 Nishihara Sadafumi "Magnetic properties of organic triradicals forming antiferromagnetic triangular spin networks"
PS-33 Okubo Tsuyoshi "Spin and Z2 vortex dynamics of the Heisenberg anitiferromagnet on the triangular lattice"
PS-34 Okumura Souichirou "Critical behavior of two dimensional square-Lattice fully Frustrated XY Model"
PS-35 Picon Jean-David "Supersolidity and cold atoms : hard core bosons with long range interactions on the triangular lattice"
PS-36 Richter Johannes "Exact low-temperature properties of a class of highly frustrated hubbard models"
PS-37 Romhanyi Judit "Spin dynamics of SrCu2(BO3)2 in magnetic field from A 3-boson spin-wave analysis"
PS-38 Sakai Toru "Quantum phase transitions of the three-leg spin tube"
PS-39 Schmidt Burkhard "The 2D Heisenberg model on the orthorhombic lattice"
PS-40 Strobel Pierre "Crystal growth of oxides with geometric magnetic frustration:a chemist’s approach"
PS-41 T. Roscilde "Magnetic bose condensation VS. magnon localization in a model magnet with site dilution"
PS-42 Takubo Kou "Electronic structure of spin-disordered triangular-lattice systems NiGa2S4 and FeGa2S4"
PS-43 Tocchio Luca Fausto "Spin-liquid phase in the anisotropic triangular lattice for K -(ET)2CU2(CN)3"
PS-44 Toth Tamas "Magnetization plateau and possible three-sublattice order for a spin one antiferromagnet on the square lattice"
PS-45 Totsuka Keisuke "Spin structures of three-dimensional helimagnets in high magnetic field"
PS-46 Yamamoto Ayako "Metal-insulator transition in Tl2Rh2O7 pyrochlore"
PS-47 Yoshihiro Tsujimoto "Systematic tuning of the 1/3 magnetization plateau in two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets (CuBr)A2B3O10 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb; B = Nb, Ta)"
PS-48 Damay Francoise "Crystal and magnetic structures of delafossite frustrated antiferromagnet CuCrO2"
PS-49 Hüvonen Dan "Spin waves in multiferroic LiCu2O2: far-infrared study in high magnetic fields"
PS-50 Kenji Ohwada "Contribution of a higher order structure to the ferroelectric phase transition in relaxor"
PS-51 Keznarki "Giant magneto-optical effect in ferro- and ferrimagnetic spinels"
PS-52 Masahito Mochizuki "Competing two multiferroic phases and their control in perovskite manganites"
PS-53 Shojiro Kimura "ESR measurements on the triangular lattice antiferromagnet CuFeO2 in high magnetic fields"
PS-54 Toomas Rõõm "Magneto-optical thz study in multiferroic Ni3V2O8"
PS-55 Zvyagin Sergei "Antiferromagnetic resonance in the hexagonal YMnO3"
PS-56 Bordacs Sandor "Magnetic order induced Crystal symmetry lowering in ACr2O4 (A=FE, CO, CU) ferromagnetic spinels"
PS-57 Jackeli George "Classical dimmers in orbitally degenerate antiferromagnets"
PS-58 Kakurai Kazuhisa "Magnetic ground state in the spin and charge-frustrated ferroelectric system LuFe2O4"
PS-59 Castelnovo Claudio "Equilibration and response properties in spin ice systems"
PS-60 Chapuis Yann "Macroscopic and microscopic properties in magnetically frustrated Tb2M2O7 (M = Ti, Sn)"
PS-61 Conlon Peter "Spin Dynamics In pyrochlore heisenberg antiferromagnets"
PS-62 Harman-Clarke Adam "Topological constraints in Kagome ice"
PS-63 Higashinaka Ryuji "Investigation of quantum spin ice state in Tb2Ti2O7"
PS-64 J. Lago "Unusual spin Dynamics in the spin ice material Pr2Sn2O7"
PS-66 Nguyen Trung Hai "Ordering of the pyrochlore Heisenberg antiferromagnet with the ferromagnetic next-nearest-neighbor interaction."
PS-67 Schwandt David "Fidelity of magnetic quantum phase transitions : a quantum monte carlo approach"
PS-68 Suryanarayanan Ramanathan "High pressure, low temperature raman spectra and high pressure X-ray studies of single crystals of R2Ti2O7 (R = Gd,Tb,Dy,Lu)"
PS-69 Tomczak Piotr "A new estimator of ground state block entanglement in low-dimensional Heisenberg spin systems"
PS-70 Tomoo Mizuki "High _feld magnetization and ESR measurements of pyrochlore antiferromagnet Cu2(OH)3Cl"
PS-71 Vasiliev Alexander "Magnetic order in copper nitrate monohydrate Cu(NO3)2*H2O"
PS-72 Volkova Olga "Disordered ground state in low dimensional (NO)Cu(NO3)3"
PS-73 Zaharko Oksana "Spin liquid state in Co(Al1-xCox)2O4 spinels"
PS-74 Zivkovic Ivica "Possible spin ice state in a spinel compound CdEr2Se4"